About TemperVox

TemperVox Ltd is a group of vocal practitioners all of whom have a professional basis within the performing arts industry and voice coaching.

TemperVox was founded in 2007 by Gemma Boaden and Leon Trayman.

Gemma and Leon both trained originally as professional actors and through their freelance vocal practitioner work with theatres, drama schools, solicitors, EFL (English as a Foreign Language) students, NHS workers and teachers they realised that performance techniques and voice work extend so much further than just the stage.

This is when they decided to set up TemperVox with the sole purpose of empowering professional voice users with the knowledge in how to safely and effectively use their voices to enable them to achieve their professional goals and to make their working life easier.

Gemma trained at Rose Bruford College, graduating with BA (Hons) Acting. She works as a professional actor, director, vocal coach and theatre practitioner with various leading companies including Catalyst Theatre Arts, Milton Keynes Theatre and Royal Theatre, Northampton.

Leon trained at Central School of Speech and Drama, graduating with BA (Hons) Acting. He works as a professional actor, musician, musical director and vocal coach. He also teaches singing on a private and peripatetic basis at the BRIT School. Leon is also an award-winning director.

In order to stay at the cutting edge of vocal work, they continue to study a wide variety of vocal styles, techniques, models and methodologies which include ‘The Estill Voice Model’ and ‘Voice Gym’.

Our mission is to help professionals to achieve their vocal goals by giving them the appropriate vocal training. Being an effective communicator can help you in so many different walks of life from inspiring your students or council, winning pitches, or as simple as being clearly understood by your colleagues. Look through our website to find out more.

We are especially experienced in working with teachers and have worked with Voice, The Union (formerly P.A.T.), Babcock4S (formerly VTFourS) and are recommended practitioners for the N.U.T.

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