I’ve been thinking a lot about inspiration & its association with creativity. Not just in the ‘creative’ or performance industries, but in life in general.

Inspiration comes in a plethora of forms, doesn’t it? Can you actively seek out inspiration, or is that too aggressive an approach? You can’t force inspiration to come to you, it just happens, right?

Perhaps there is some truth to this, but equally is it something about the way we think about it that makes it illusive? Is inspiration ‘out there’? Does it come to us, or do we go to it instead?

What if our approach is from completely the wrong direction?

Doesn’t true inspiration come from inside ourselves & we gain access to it through our interactions with the world?

What if the way that we are interacting with the world is inhibiting our access to our inspiration? On an energetic level we’re all connected, not just as humans, but with everything on the planet, everything in the universe…we’re all made of atoms, molecules & energy in different formats.

The way we compartmentalise our lives into neat little boxes must have a similar effect to our brains. The conditioning we all undergo in order to be accepted in whichever society we happen to be operating within at the time. Be that social, cultural or industrial. Is this where the term & the celebration of the concept ‘thinking outside the box’ originates; defying convention, thinking freely, finding inspiration outside the collectively received boundaries of thought?

What if there wasn’t ever a box? What if you just think? What if you thought differently to everyone else in your company, in your social circle, in your family? Would that be ok? Would you have greater access to your inspiration? To see the world in a completely different way? To see inspiration in everything & nothing…

Let inspiration in, let yourself see the inspiration in something that you hadn’t ever seen inspiration in before. Look at the world with new eyes just for a few minutes, see what’s around you, take a moment to breathe…inspire…

About Leon Trayman

Company Director of TemperVox Ltd - Making Professional Voices Heard. Vocal Coaches for professional people, we work with anyone who uses their voice as part of their job. This includes Teachers, Lawyers, Actors as well as Business People and Politicians.
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