Supergran stops Jewellery Robbery

Supergran tackles the robbers with her handbag!

William Craghill – Managing Director of Michael Jones Jewellers: Northampton Branch, gold street, bridge street was resuced from daylight robbery by supergran. Armed with a handbag and a lot of determination at 71years of age she managed to scare the robbers away from their attempted crime. Just think what else she could have done with a powerful voice.

The power and effect your voice can have to deter or stop action can never be underestimated. Often a strong and confident voice can diminish situations of conflict without having to use brut force. If supergran had used her voice instead of her handbag to stop the robbers it would be interesting to see if she would have had the same affects. Older voices are usually associated with being weaker but this does not need to be the case. If you exercise your voice on a daily basis you will be able to maintain its strength regardless of how old you are.

Go to you tube to watch this granny at work!

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